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   I tried to find the person who originally made the Evita book tag. I tracked it down to Helena McGrath on YouTube. If I’m incorrect, please forgive me, contact me and I can give the correct credit.

Can I list everything that was in the finals of the Goodreads Choice Awards 2016for  Best YA Book? Wow, everything was so way overhyped and I had zero interest in anything. Maybe I’ll pick Holding Up The Universe, although I do feel a bit uncomfortable picking a book I haven’t read. I’ll choose this one because I didn’t really like the previous book by the same author, All the Bright Places, which was meant to be a book about suicide but didn’t convince me the character in question ever committed suicide. So all this hype comes out for Holding Up the Universe because all these fangirls fall over themselves for ATBP. And HUTU doesn’t even sound that good, just sounds like the authors’ picked some traits for the main characters to try to make their romance super angsty.

My very first adult fantasy was The Hawk Eternal by David Gemmell. That introduced me to a love of epic heroic fantasy. I know I read a lot of YA now, but I did go through a long adult fantasy phase before I started blogging, thanks to Gemmell and The Hawk Eternal.

Heather Dixon’s Entwined gave me a book hangover that lasted for about a month.

I’m going to pick the Fault in Our Stars. I wanted to see what all the hype was about, and to check out Jon Green’s writing. It didn’t do anything for me and I wasn’t sorry when I finished the book.

I’ve read the original Utopia, by Thomas More. In More’s vision of a utopian society, they still had slaves. Isn’t that disgusting?

My best friend told me that if I read Twilight, he’d disown me, so I bought the box set and read them in secret.

Kim Curran’s Shift opned with a hypothetical question and then a ‘dream/action’ sequence and that annoyed me so much I put it down for about a month. But when I picked it back up, not only was the rest of the book great, but the rest of the trilogy was awesome as well.

Celaena fucking “I’m an ‘assassin’ who doesn’t kill people for money’ Sardothian.

DO NOT get me started.

OK, I’m actually going to say Harry Potter for this. I actually read Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets the year after Chamber of Secrets first came out, in early 1999, before Prisoner of Azkaban came out. I remember because it was my first year of high school, I hadn’t discovered adult fantasy yet, and I’d just met my high school best friend who was also a voracious reader. The Harry Potter books actually belonged to her little brother, but she showed me Chamber of Secrets, and after reading the first few pages I was hooked (with Aunt Marge blowing up like a balloon). She lent me the first two books and that was it. Harry Potter hype was taking off, but it wouldn’t get huge until (I think) Goblet of Fire.

It’s probably going to be really unfair of me to say any series went on too long because I own every single Animorphs book, and that’s 54 books long just in the main series, not including the spin-offs.

But I have heard rumours that Laurel K Hamilton’s Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series, currently topping in at 26 books, has, in some people’s opinion, gone on too long and simply devolved into a series of bed-hopping and exchange of sexual partners. I’ve not read the series, though it has been recommended, but the sheer size of it does intimidate me.

The Healer series by Maria V Snyder. Her books are complicated because seemingly everyone has their own motivation that can affect the plot at any given point. I can only remember a few big events and I’d love to re-read them when I have the time.




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