Les Miserable Book Tag

This Les Mis Book Tag was created by Twist in the Taile. I was really looking forward to Grethen McNeils’ Get Even series, and I stayed up late reading the first book, but after being betrayed like that I couldn’t continue. The book finished without wrapping up its main plot, hoping to force readers into […]

Moana Book Tag

Created by themawkwardpotatoes on YouTube Who’s seen Moana? Who has two thumbs and is newly obsessed with it? THIS GAL. Everything about the film is perfect. I can’t think of one single thing wrong with it. Some people say the ocean is a plot hole, but it’s not. ‘Why doesn’t the ocean just fix everything?’ […]

Evita Book Tag

   I tried to find the person who originally made the Evita book tag. I tracked it down to Helena McGrath on YouTube. If I’m incorrect, please forgive me, contact me and I can give the correct credit. Can I list everything that was in the finals of the Goodreads Choice Awards 2016for  Best YA […]

Phantom of the Opera Book Tag

As I mentioned last week, I’m a huge musical fan. I also enjoy doing book tags. So I decided to combine the two. I nominate Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore. It was such a great ride, and it was actually nice to see the story from a non-magical girl’s point of view, because the last two […]

Wicked Book Tag

Kittens, if you’re new around here, you probably won’t have glossed on to the fact that I LOVE MUSICALS. If you’re a returning moonbeam-chaser, you probably already know that I’ve played several lead roles in school productions and have been in the chorus of million-dollar budget productions such as Les Miserables, where I played Whore […]

The Happiness Tag

I tracked down this tag to Hiraethforthepages but couldn’t find who made it originally. List five things that make you happy: Snuggles with my cats Reading a good book Successfully knitting something other than a scarf Hanging out with my best friends Going to the cinema for a good movie. List five songs that make […]

The Aussie Book Tag

The Aussie Book Tag, originally created by Julia @ Picnic Reads and Ngoc @ Happy Comes First. Thanks to Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books for bringing it to my attention.   Koala : A character you want to cuddle all day long Griffin from A Promise of Fire. Who doesn’t love a big, brutal […]

The Bookstore Book Tag

  The Bookstore Book Tag, originally created by Britt Reads on YouTube.   The beginning of your trip. You walk into a bookstore and you instantly feel happy: Name a book that has the perfect beginning. A Gothic book that opens “To say I’d been kept prisoner my entire life in an attic wasn’t quite […]

The Goodreads Book Tag

1. What was the last book you marked as ‘read’? 2. What book are you currently reading? (The Graces by Laure Eve) 3. What was the last book you marked as ‘to-read’?   4. What do you plan to read next? 5. Do you use the star rating system? 5: it was amazing 4: really […]