Project Animorphs: Book #54 The Beginning

Book 54: The Beginning Publishing Date: May 2001 Narrator: Everyone My rating: The Animorphs are in their final battle in the Yeerk war. Rachel is on a suicide mission to eliminate Tom. The others have seized the Pool ship’s bridge and in a strangely out of character moment Visser One surrenders. The war appears to […]

Project Animorphs: Book #52 The Sacrifice

Book 52: The Sacrifice Publishing Date: April 2001 Narrator: Ax My rating: After the Governor’s televised warning in the previous book, the Yeerks decided to drop al pretences and start herding civillians via trains to the Yeerk pool to be infested. Ax and the Animorphs know the pool is a major weakness they’ve tried to […]

Project Animorphs: Book #51 The Absolute

Book 51: The Absolute Publishing Date: March 2001 Narrator: Marco My rating: The Marco/Tobias/Ax dreamtime shines in this novel as Jake decides it’s time to alert the governor of California and the Armed Forces of the alien invasion, and sends a small team with ‘finesse’ to do so while the other wreak havoc all over […]

Project Animorphs: Book #49 The Diversion

Book 49: The Diversion Publishing Date: January 2001 Narrator: Tobias My rating: The Yeerks are finally on to the possibility of the Animorphs being human, and have started collecting blood samples to track the animal DNA floating in blood collected from previous fights. This means the Animorphs need to pull their families out now and […]

Project Animorphs: Book #47 The Resistance

Book 47: The Resistance Publishing Date: November 2000 Narrator: Jake and Isiah Fitzhenry My rating: Jake and the Animorphs learn that the hidden valley of free Hork-Bajir is going to be attacked, so they stage a rebellion against the Yeerks and enlist the help of some campers in the woods. Well, what can I say […]

Project Animorphs: Book #46 The Deception

Book 46: The Deception Publishing Date: October 2000 Narrator: Ax My rating: Ax and the Animorphs discover the Yeerks are planning something so huge they’ve named the plan after the reigning and newly promoted Visser One. While they don’t know what it is, they know they have to stop it. So they rush off in […]

Project Animorphs: Megamorphs #4: Back to Before

Megamorphs #4: Back to Before Publishing Date: May 2000 Narrator: All My rating: The premise of this novel, the fourth and final Megamorphs, is simple: what would have happened to the Animorphs and Ax if the teenagers had not walked through the construction site and met Elfangor? Even though this alternate-world has absolutely no bearing […]

Project Animorphs: Book #37 The Weakness

Book 37: The Weakness Publishing Date: January 2000 Narrator: Rachel My rating: Jake has gone away for a week, leaving the Animorphs leaderless, when they come upon the perfect opportunity to make Visser three look incompetent in front of a Yeerk Inspector, reporting to the Council of Thirteen. The Animorphs can’t pass up this opportunity, so […]

Project Animorphs: Book #27 The Exposed

Book 27: The Exposed Publishing Date: March 1998 Narrator: Rachel My rating: Rachel and the Animorphs are in a race against time to save the malfunctioning Chee from being discovered by the Yeerks when their Pemalite ship hidden three miles deep in the ocean randomly stops working for no reason whatsoever. Or something. Seriously, this book […]

Project Animorphs: Book #17 The Underground

Book 17: The Underground Publishing Date: April 1998 Narrator: Rachel My rating: Rachel saves a guy from suicide and the Animorphs discover that maple and ginger flavoured instant oatmeal will keep a Yeerk alive sans Kandrona rays, but it is an addictive substance that will also drive them mad and relinquish most of the control back […]