A direct message to the ‘future writer’ known as ‘Popcorn’

Also known as: A Public Announcement on the Topic of Spammers

You may have noticed that none of your comments are showing up on my blog. To date you have posted to my blog 14 times, and no one but me can see the comments. This is because I consider your comments to be spam and have taken the appropriate action to moderate them and block you from commenting on this blog.

I have done a simple Google search and seen the other places where you are copy and pasting your plea for exposure in the literary world. I have found identical messages on forums unrelated to writing and blogs unrelated to books. Subsequently, I have blacklisted you and each of your IP addresses for spam. I have reported you to WordPress.com for spam. You are not welcome on my blog and you are not welcome to post anything related to yourself or your ‘writing’.

Your comments will not get through. Or, if they do, I will delete them.

My blog is not free advertising. I support authors who I like and whose books I enjoy. If an author would like ‘constructive criticism,’ otherwise known as a review, I have a contact page and an email address set up specifically for requests. Since you have not written a book, stop trying to scrounge off me.

Use your own blog to raise awareness of your profile. Do not try to piggyback off my mild success.

This is the exact problem, in case you need it spelling out: this blog is about ME, not you. You have not GIVEN anything to this blog: you have not contributed to the discussion about the particular contents, nor even liked more than a single post. Your ‘reblog’ was only an attempt to drag others into conversing with you. You have only attempted to TAKE – views, commenters, exposure, support. You are attempting to take without giving the same courtesy to me. I will not allow that.

A book review blog is NOT the place to look for constructive feedback on a work in progress. I only review finished novels. If you are unable to find a local writer’s group, here are some places to find feedback for works-in-progress: Wattpad, Scribophile, Figment.

But, since you’re so desperate for feedback, and since I am a reviewer, I am going to give you some:


You’re missing some words in the opening sentence. Your second sentence doesn’t make sense. Unless you’ve died, do not end a sentence open like that.


If you’ve lost the first page, write it again. It’s not that hard. Juliet has a colourful family, OK. ‘Limit continue’ makes no sense. Neither does the rest of that sentence.


*sat *at *serious *Punctuation marks ARE YOUR FRIEND *I DON’T KNOW *we’re in *owe *IRS *I DON’T KNOW *learn *and now I’m completely lost because this makes no sense.

Favourite sentence: Scared and frightened at the same time. Kinda how I feel now, reading this.


*her *called *at *look *I HAVE NO IDEA *again, I am lost *where the fuck did the mermaid come from *was *lost again *if

Favourite sentence in this hot mess: A black short dress that made her ass looks so big you could see it from the front.


*PUSH WHAT IN YOUR MOUTH? *Period use has shot past improving to over-used *interesting *a *it *LOST AGAIN


Oh look, a name change! *to *that *since *our *as *than *owe *LOST *is

Losing the will to live…


I am telling you, NO ONE would want to read a book where you have said the questions MAY NOT get answered.

Here’s my verdict:

Your writing is terrible. TERRIBLE. What are you even trying (and failing, horribly) to say? Learn to use correct English. My eyeballs are bleeding. This is the worst thing I have ever read in my entire life. AND I DO NOT SAY THAT LIGHTLY.


You are NOT welcome here, and all of your comments will be deleted.


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A lover of kittens and all things sparkly, Nemo has a degree in English Literature and specialises in reviewing contemporary, paranormal, mystery/thriller, historical, sci-fi and fantasy Young Adult fiction. She is especially drawn to novels about princesses, strong female friendships, magical powers, and assassins.

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