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Author Brynn MyersToday we have a very special guest on the blog. I would like to welcome author Brynn Myers to the Moonlight Library to answer some questions.

Brynn’s debut full-length novel Redemption was released last week by Amber Leaf Publishing. Her first published work was Entasy, a novella prequel for Redemption. Entasy and Redemption follow the story of Kylah, a Celtic goddess living in New York who has had her memories removed – for a good reason!


OK Brynn, first question’s first! Why Irish mythology?

I am absolutely in love with all things Celtic and I feel an unexplainable bond to Morrigan and Brighid. It was these three things in combination that led me to create a series based on Irish folklore.


Entasy (Prophecies of The Nine, #0.5)What inspired Kylah being an Irish goddess with no memory in modern-day New York?

When I first created Kylah she was a bit different, but as she evolved so did her past. In my mind, I just knew Kylah was blessed/cursed with the gift of fire, as well as a destiny of freeing lost souls. I liked the idea of her already knowing an unconditional love but when she failed her parents and those she loved, her guilt took over, altering her point of view on all the goodness surrounding her. It may have seemed odd at first the reasoning behind the goddesses’ choice to take Kylah’s memories, but I’m hoping that once everyone reads Redemption everything will be a whole lot clearer.
There is a small part of me that wonders if I should have waited to publish Entasy until just before the release of Redemption, so that it would be more cohesive. Entasy had to be told from Kylah’s point of view. It needed to be chaotic and odd at times because let’s face it, if you woke up one day only to find out that the life you thought was normal was just a facade, wouldn’t you feel that level of confusion? LOL! I sure as heck know I would. The thing was that Liam and Aerric’s points of view were also relevant to Kylah’s past, present and soon to be future.
As far as Kylah’s job as a costume designer, that stemmed from my love of New York. And I gave her a career close to my heart, a job within the Theatre. Costume designer on a Broadway show seemed to be the perfect choice in my mind. 😀


How much research did you do to write Redemption?

In short…a ton! I love to gather all I can about the roots of the folklore and do my best to be accurate, yet still add a fictional element to flow with my story. I’m extremely visual and when I see a picture or person I think fits what’s in my head, I tweak and change bits and pieces until they suit the complete vision…then TA-DA the character is born.


How long have you been writing for?

Redemption (Prophecies of The Nine, #1)

I’ve always had stories in my head and often wondered how they would play out if they actually occurred, but that was it until 2009 that I really began to delve into the possibilities of bringing my thoughts to life. I was a theatre major in college, so while I never saw myself as a writer, the creative process of bringing characters to life has always been a part of who I am. I think that is why when I’m writing, I mentally picture the action with the words as if I were watching a play or a movie.


How do you ensure you have time to write?

I start my day with two cups of coffee *huge grin*, then move on to handle the “business side” of being an author before I begin my writing process. I write/research from the time my daughter goes to school until I pick her up. I also set writing goals at the beginning of the week, but unfortunately not everyday elicits the perfect chapters, so on those days, I do research for the scenes I know are coming.


Who are your biggest literary influences?

I used to read Patricia Cornwell, Dean Koontz, and Michael Crichton at a ravenous pace but then one day, a friend recommended I pick up Twilight. I was reluctant at first but by the time I finished Breaking Dawn, I was so hooked that I blew through the Sookie Stackhouse series and then the Night Huntress series. Then there I was, three series down and in search of my next paranormal fix, so I headed to the bookstore and stumbled on a sexy red book with black accents and a dagger on the cover. Little did I know that I had just purchased the holy grail of vampire books, from the moment I began reading Dark Lover, I knew I was going to need the rest in the series. I became thoroughly convinced that J.R Ward was part of a world I had just missed, and the Black Dagger Brotherhood was not only real but that I too needed my very own intoxicating vampire to fall in love with. I’ve always loved vampires and magical beings but once I became hooked on paranormal romance, I knew I not only wanted to read it, but write it. My hope is to create compelling characters that make someone feel as I did reading my favourites…enraptured.


What are you reading at the moment?

To be honest, I haven’t been reading since I’ve been so engulfed in trying to finish Redemption, but now that I am finished, my plan is to get back to the two books I have waiting for me. The Fallen King: The Bellum Sisters 4 by T.A. Grey and The Broken Destiny (Broken #1) by Carlyle Labuschagne. I cannot wait to get back to them both. 😀


Who is in your fantasy cast for the main characters in Redemption?

The trio

Kylah- Amanda Righetti

Aerric- Raffaello Balzo

Obsydian– David Gandy

Redemption Fantasy Cast Collage

Dillon– Jensen Ackles

Tynan and Vivi– Jared & Genevieve Padalecki

Brighid– Julianne Moore

Morrigan– Monica Bellucci

Zephira-Jessica Alba

Nadia– Jessica Biel

Calina– Alexandra Daddario

Rhyder– Nick Youngquest

Evan– Kris Holden-Ried

Liam and his people

Liam– Mads Mikkelsen

Thanks very much to Brynn for being my guinea pig in my very first author interview! We wish her all the best with The Prophecies of the Nine series.

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