Happy Star Wars Day! Let’s talk about geeky things!

At work I’m lucky enough to be able to listen to music or audiobooks pretty much all day (so long as the audiobook isn’t demanding, like Finnikin of the Rock which unfortunately I have put aside until I can read it). After I listened to Adorkable, I pretty much realised no audiobook that I can get my hands on is ever going to be as good as that ever again. So I’ve been suffering in silence, not listening to audiobooks nor even any music because my favourite bands haven’t put out any new music in FOREVER and I’m bored with listening to their albums on repeat.

You know how I’m picky with books? The same with music. I know what I like.

A few weeks ago I started listening to some podcasts by fellow book bloggers/geeks and I wanted to draw attention to them. I’m not reviewing them (because that would be weird) but I wanted to introduce my readers to what I’m listening to in lieu of audiobooks.


The Anglo-Filles: Reidan, Alina, and Kayleigh
(and occasionally Kayleigh’s mum)


Three international Anglo girls geeking out about stuff I like for about an hour. Books, films, TV shows, a smattering of politics.

They update about once a month.


Ladies of YA: Mandee, Reynje, and Trinity


Three Aussie ladies talking more specifically about books, and even more specifically about Aussie young adult.

They only have two episodes so far but they also seem to be uploading about once a month.


Strangers from the Internet: Angie and Bethany


Two American girls geeking out over various stuff that interests me as well – namely films and stuff.

They seem to update a bit more sporadically – sometimes twice a month, sometimes not.


Does anyone else listen to girl* book/geek podcasts you can recommend?

*It’s important to note that I am aware of the hyper saturation of male podcasts. Like I like my novel stories to be about women (I do read male POV books occasionally), I want my podcasts to be presented by women as well. That’s not to say that men don’t present interesting stories or whatever, but the sheer number of male podcasts or co-gendered podcasts leave female-only podcasts far behind. That’s what I’m interested in listening to.

May the Fourth be with you!


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3 thoughts on “Podcasts

  1. Lee @shewolfreads

    Does Sword and Laser count? There are two hosts – one male and one femaie. Veronica Belmont is one of the hosts and I adore her. Girls in the Stacks is also fun, mainly YA focused. I also just started listening to Galactic Suburbia – full female hosted, mainly sci-fi/fantasy. One of my favs is the one hosted by Smart B*itches, Trashy Books with co-host from Dear Author. This one is definitely more romance focused but they sometimes discuss PNR/UF which are my fav genres.

    I’m a podcast dork so I’m always looking for new ones. I will definitely check out your recs!

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