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Today Monday 3rd March 2014, I am desperate to get my hands on

The Winner's Curse (Winner's Trilogy, #1)

The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski is currently on its way to me thanks to The Book Depository.

I NEVER pre-order books from an author I’ve not read before. I think I’ve pre-ordered maybe half a dozen books in my life. I’m just too wary that even with an author I love, there will be books I’m not so keen on, and I make it my mission to only read books I think have a very good potential to be 5 stars. I hate wasting my time on anything else.

In case you missed the hype, The Winner’s Curse has been favourably reviewed (and fangirled over) by many of the big names in YA book blogging, including a good number of my friends whose taste in literature I trust. From what I can gather whilst avoiding spoilers, it seems to be some sort of fantasy or historical YA with a gloriously written romance. I don’t know much beyond that, which makes it even weirder that I pre-ordered it in hardcover, because that’s how sure I am that I’m going to love it and treasure it.

(I do consider YA fantasy with female leads my particular passion, but I’m not sure if this is fantasy or just historical, which is another one of my recent passions.)

I’ll admit, I’m nervous. I didn’t shell out a huge amount of dollars for the book, but I’ve never bought myself a hardcover from an unknown author. Normally I make other people buy them for me.

It should be arriving late this week!


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8 thoughts on “Musing Monday (1)

    1. Nemo

      WHUT! WHUT IS GOING ON! “Members in UK and Australia are preferred.” WHY DID I MISS THIS? I’d given up hope I’d get an ARC… it’s not published in Aus until April! WHY DOES THE UNIVERSE HATE ME?

  1. whitleybirks

    “I’m not sure if this is fantasy or just historical”
    It’s low fantasy — made-up world but without magic — and apparently that’s confusing a lot of people. I get irrationally irritated when I see reviews that call it ‘historical’ or ‘some brand spankin new conflagration of genres or some such!’ Low fantasy is an established genre, people!

  2. Gigi Ann

    I am not familiar with the book, so no help from me. However, I do pre-order books, but only from authors I read and enjoy. I do hope this one lives up to your high expectations.

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