Musing By Moonlight: My Book Buying Habit Exposed


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A Shocking Revelation

I’m incredibly organised when it comes to how I get my hands on the books I want to read. Previously I’ve detailed exactly how organised I am with the use of exclusive shelves on Goodreads. Basically, if I can’t find it in my library I’ll add it to a bookshop list and every so often go through the list and buy a bunch of books from it.

But a few days ago I realised something interesting about my book-buying habits that throws absolutely everything out of whack.

I do it again and again, and I don’t even mean to.

Basically, I use Goodreads as my be-all-and-end-all in organising my to-read books. I discover books on Goodreads, I discover them on other websites and add them to my to-read list, I look up books people recommend to me.

But this doesn’t include books I buy spontaneously that I’ve never heard of before.

Which tends to happen when I go into bookshops and buy directly off the shelf.

That’s right: no matter how organised and how well-planned everything is, it’s all gone awry when I see a book I like the look of that I’ve never heard of before.

Do you try and fail to control your book buying habit?


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2 thoughts on “Musing By Moonlight: My Book Buying Habit Exposed

  1. Meghan

    I have a wish list on Amazon (that way I can keep track of when they are on sale) and an out-of-control wish list on Goodreads that I really need to work on (I don’t buy from Goodreads, so I should add them to both if I’m going to add it to Goodreads). I am like you, though, and buy books that look interesting that I’ve never heard of before from bookstores. AND I have a bad habit of buying random free books on Amazon as well. I have given up trying to only buy from my wish list – some of those random buys have turned out REALLY good. If you stifle yourself, you may miss out on something really good as well.

    Meghan recently posted: AMONG THE STACKS: Freda Hansburg
    1. Nemo

      I have taken the attitude of only requesting ARCs for books I already know about and want. But it’s too hard to extend that to book buying! I should get an Amazon wishlist, that would help!

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