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This Les Mis Book Tag was created by Twist in the Taile.

I was really looking forward to Grethen McNeils’ Get Even series, and I stayed up late reading the first book, but after being betrayed like that I couldn’t continue. The book finished without wrapping up its main plot, hoping to force readers into buying the sequel. I hate sneaky unerhanded tactics like that. if I’m staying up til 2am reading your book you better give mea  satisfying conclusion! Not to mention asking me to fork out more money to get the complete story is just rude.

My favourite literary duo is a tie between Yelena and Valek from Maria Snyder’s Poison Study. Yelena and Valek went from hate and mistrust to a pure, deep love that split a continent apart and changed the world. Gotta love them.

I know it sounds stupid but in times of comfort I actually turn to Twilight by Stephenie Myer. not sure why. I recognise all the problems with the series, but I also find it comforting at the same time. Maybe because Bella’s always being looked after and never has to do anything for herself including giving birth and raising a baby (because Nessie is already out of nappies when she wakes up, I think).

I don’t like Sarah J Maas’ stupid assassin-who-never-murders-anyone Throne of Glass series. Celaena is insufferable and contradictory and a giant pain in my ass. She’s so tragically beautiful and beautifully tragic it makes me want to puke. I just don’t understand how everyone loves her?

The Fault in Our Stars. I REGRET EVERYTHING. OK, so I don’t regret reading it because there were some good parts but I will not be emotionally blackmailed into giving a book 5 stars just because it’s about kids with cancer.

Lauren Oliver’s Before I Fall. Each chapter is a repeated day in Sam’s life, so it was impossible to put down wanting to know what she was going to do different, and fun to spot the similarities and the butterfly effect of Sam’s choices.


Except one.


BFFs Rose and Lissa from RIchelle Mead’s Vampire Academy. I love stories with strong female friendship.

Tobias from Animorphs. Don’t hurt my precious.

Since my gal Rachel died in Animorphs, I’m pretty much OK with any literary death. But I suppose if I had to pick one, I’d pick the Disreputable Dog from the Old Kingdom trilogy.



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  1. Eve @ Twist in the Taile

    Aah, I’m so glad you did this tag, thanks! I admit that I haven’t read most of these books, haha, but it was fun to read your answers. I, too, am now basically numb to any literary deaths after basically being scarred for life haha.

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