Why Book Reviews Are Still Awesome

Dirty Little Secret

It’s a dirty little secret in the book blog community that book reviews, despite largely being the backbone of most book blogs, often draw in less readers and less interactions than, say, a (controversial) discussion post or even a meme.

Reviewing is why I got into book blogging. But even then, after only one month and seven reviews, I started joining memes, mostly because I like guided content and struggle to come up with interesting or original angles in discussion posts.

But I would like to defend the humble book review, because even though it may not get as many views – I prefer to read actual book reviews on Goodreads, not on blogs, because it’s more convenient for me to click ‘add’ – or interactions as discussion posts and memes, book reviews are still the backbone of this community and they are freaking awesome.

Catch My Eye

I was browsing Facebook the other day, and I saw one of the blogs I follow post a review. I noticed the book’s cover first, which was stunning, and made me want to find out more.

So I clicked the links and followed to the blog’s review page, where I read the blurb.

Now I was intrigued. I liked the cover, I liked the blurb… but I try to be picky about what I read. So many books have gorgeous covers and well-written, selling blurbs, but end up being rubbish on the inside.

Pure Gold

This is where book reviews come in handy.

And I don’t just mean general reviews. Anyone can look up the average community rating of a book on Goodreads and get the general consensus. Anyone can find out what Mr Big Shot Reviewer in the New York Times or Kirkus thinks objectively about a book.

I’m talking about subjective reviews.

I’m talking about book reviews from my cultivated list of friends and reviewers I follow.

That’s the real gold.

Because when I read the review, I realised that the like-minded reviewer, who I had already vetted as having similar taste to mine, enjoyed the book.

And that’s what really sold me.

I added the book to my to-read pile.

What about you? Do you still enjoy reading book reviews or do you prefer other content on blogs? What platform do you use to read reviews? Let me know in the comments below.


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