Reader Confessions: I was wrong… for YEARS

A few weeks ago JK Rowling confirmed a theory that’s been floating around the Harry Potter community for a while now: That in Goblet of Fire, Hermione spends a paragraph instructing Viktor Krum how to pronounce ‘Hermione’ correctly to teach all of us who were pronouncing it wrong. I have to confess: Despite studying and […]

New Kindle!

Recently I got a new Kindle! I’ve been using the same Kindle since 2011, and despite it still being in very good condition (never going anywhere without a case) and I only really used it to read ARCs, my husband has been through like 3 and I was starting to get resentful of my ‘older’ […]

I made a new book friend (in REAL LIFE!?)

I think I made a book friend? Like… in real life?? So I started this new job in January after life kicked me squarely in the teeth last year. I love this job. It’s got a great mix of things I do regularly and new things, I really like my colleagues, it’s helping me grow professionally, and […]

Physical Books versus Digital Books

I like to buy books in paperback but I prefer to read ebooks. This makes me feel kind of weird. I’m not part of the ‘digital books are murdering physical books’, ‘physical books are best’ camp, nor am I part of the ‘digital books are the way of the future’ ‘physical books MURDER TREES and […]

Six Years of The Moonlight Library!

I’ve been doing this gig for six years! That’s longer than high school. That’s longer than it took me to get my degree in Literature. That’s longer than I’ve ever held a job. That’s longer than I’ve been married. Previous blogiversary posts One Year Anniversary! 2 Year Blogiversary Giveaway and a Brief Hiatus Today is […]

On Reading 500 Books A Year

Reading is amazing. Being able to afford to purchase books (almost) whenever I want to is a straight up luxury. I’m especially aware of that since I was only working part-time last year, earning only enough to pay for rent and bills and not many books. Even being taught to read, let alone finding it immensely […]

Judge a Book By Its Cover Trend

Trying to attract attention to a Young Adult book via only its cover can be hard. It needs to set the right tone. It needs to attract a target audience. It needs to evoke curiosity, want, or need. It needs to look older than a children’s book, which are usually painted. It needs to look […]

Ode to Library Ebooks

After my struggle with reading last year, where I read only 12 books for the entire year, due to extreme personal circumstances which have somewhat been resolved, I have rediscovered the joy of my local library. I don’t mean love for the actual building because ugh, people. I still love my physical library, it’s the […]

Is Hatred of Love Triangles Really Slut-Shaming?

Is Hatred of Love Triangles Really Slut-Shaming? If you’re a part of the YA reviewing community, you’ll have noticed that there is a distinct, almost pathological, hatred of love triangles among the majority of our readers. It’s so bad, that even a hint of a love triangle can send reviewers running screaming in the opposite […]

I Have Never Read…

I studied English literature at a tertiary level, so I should be pretty well-versed in your basic university reading list. Except that I’ve never read Pride and Prejudice. I don’t pretend to have read it to other bookworms, but I do, however, know enough about the book to hold my own in conversation, even with […]

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