Project Everworld: Book #12 Entertain the End

Book 12: Entertain the End Narrator: April My rating: April and the EverWorld gang, minus Senna for obvious reasons, have one final quest now that the gateway has been closed forever: get King Baldwin of the dwarfs on their side and free Thor who will somehow make it so they can defeat Ka Anor and […]

Project Everworld: Book #11 Mystify the Magician

Book 11: Mystify the Magician Narrator: Christopher My rating: Christopher and the EverWorld gang come upon EverWorld’s version of Ireland, complete with telegraphs, electricity, elves, half-elven princesses, giants, and all kinds of stuff that makes them not hate EverWorld for once. But then Senna gets loose and goes crazy, opening the gateway and bringing through […]

Project Everworld: Book #10 Understand the Unknown

Book 10: Understand the Unknown Narrator: David My rating: The EverWorld gang find themselves trapped underwater in Neptune’s realm and must escape before the psychotic god decides to murder them for no reason. Oh boy, I’m tired of this series. I’m tired of filler books with no substance where nothing happens. I’m tired of this […]

Project Everworld: Book #9 Inside the Illusion

Book 9: Inside the Illusion Narrator: Senna My rating: This is Senna’s story. From the unloved love-child to the powerful witch-key of Everworld, Senna’s hunger for power and control is evident in everything she does. An outsider, she’s wary of betrayal at every moment – because she is the ultimate betrayer. Senna’s story is one […]

Project Everworld: Book #8 Brave the Betrayal

Book 8: Brave the Betrayal Narrator: Jalil My rating: The EverWorld team are on their way to look for Senna’s mother, who might be powerful enough to open a portal between EverWorld and the coo-Hatch’s home world so they can go home, rather than take over EverWorld. The group is forced to flee from the […]

Project Everworld: Book #7 Gateway to the Gods

Book 6: Fear the Fantastic Publishing Date: September 2000 Narrator: April My rating: April and the others have arrived at Mount Olympus, where Christopher rejects his offered immortality as repayment for failing to save Ganymede. The group are forced to become generals in the war between the Hetwan and Olympus, because the gods are incompetent and can’t […]

Project Everworld: Book #6 Fear the Fantastic

Book 6: Fear the Fantastic Publishing Date: September 2000 Narrator: Christopher My rating: Christopher and the gang are sent off on their second ever quest: to deliver Dionysus, god of a good time, and his companion Ganymede, a man so beautiful he makes straight guys question himself, to Zeus on Olympus. Only problem is to get to Olympus […]