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This week’s topic:

Do you accept review requests? If not, why not? If so, then how many review requests do you get in a month? How many do you accept? How do you balance between review requests and reading your own books?

I do accept review requests. So far I have had a grand total of three: one from a small press author, and two from independent authors. I received all three requests in a space of about three weeks, although they are the only ones I have had since starting this blog.

I’ve accepted all of them because from the small press author I had already expressed an interest in reading the book before I was offered a review copy. The second and third ones, from the independent authors, look like something I would find interesting, so I accepted those as well.

If we include ARCs I get from Netgalley (and I apply for them, I haven’t been offered any out of the blue) then I’d have to say I tend to balance review copies with my own books at about a 50:50 ratio. All of the books I have been offered to review have interested me. Yes, while I still do have a millionty other books to read, they are not going anywhere. I have time to enjoy everything.


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