Mid Year Check In Freak Out

mid year check inI thought I’d take this opportunity to reflect on the resolutions I set myself in January and see how I’ve progressed. I can’t even remember half of them off the top of my head, so taking a look at them again is a good opportunity to see if/how I’ve progressed and to reaffirm where I want my path on this blog to go.

  1. Read all of CJ Archer’s Freak House books
    Holy shit, its halfway through and I haven’t even picked up one of these, although I have been buying them. I think I always plan to ‘after I finish my ARCs’ but this review pile is NEVER ENDING OMG SEND HALP. I will just need to put my foot down at some point to get this done in the next six months.
  2. AND all of the Ministry of Curiosities books
    There’s even a NEW series beginning soon, the Watchmaker’s Daughter, and I really need to get this other reading done. Don’t you just hate it when an author writes so fast? Kidding, just kidding. CJ I LOVE YOU.
  3. I resolved to ONLY request to review books I ALREADY KNOW ABOUT AND REALLY WANT and not just ‘oh, that sounds good’!
    I gosh, I did stick to this for a while, then I discovered some really awesome sounding books on Edelweiss/Netgalley. I really need to stay away because now my previously culled review list is rapidly growing again.
  4. I worked so hard last year to cut back on all of my review books. This year I resolve to have so few review books on my TBR pile that I can pick and choose my next read off my overflowing bookshelf.
    I mentioned just above that my review list is growing again, so this is a good opportunity to take a step back and say NO to review books.
  5. I resolve to finish the several series I have waiting on my Sequels shelf.
    HA! I tried, then had a review book due. DOWN WITH REVIEW BOOKS.
  6. I resolve to re-read the Harry Potter series, starting with the beautiful illustrated edition!
    I feel like this is a pipe dream. The second one is nearly ready for release. I literally daydream about reading the first one.
  7. I’d love to start my Page (To Screen) to Stage segment, about books that became musicals (via films). This means I need to resolve to read more primary sources. And watch more films. And listen to more musicals. Yay!
    I have a list, and I have access to the primary sources, I just need to find the time to pursue this idea.
  8. I resolve to buy less ‘filler’ books – I want to buy books I really want, not just because they are in the $2 bargain bin. Srsly I have no room for a new bookshelf.
    Yes! I can definitely say this has slowed down. Mostly because I’ve bought all the stock I wanted? Oops.
  9. Last year I resolved to be one of the lucky few chosen to take part in a major blog tour for one of my favourite authors in 2016. I’ll be taking part in Maria V Snyder’s Night Study blog tour on 21st January and as a Snyder fangirl I’m pretty stoked to have been included.
    I’ve been in a couple of blog tours this year and it has only been for authors I adore or have been invited to by the publisher for a book I’m excited about. No more whoring out this blog as promotion only. I sure learned my lesson there.
  10. I resolve to shake the blog up in 2016 and soon I’ll have an announcement about that!
    This was achieved when Tanieka and I joined forces to become Young Adult at Heart, and then Archer joined us a contributor for the Goosebumps series! I really feel like Young Adult at Heart is NOTHING like The Moonlight Library now, which I loved (as much as I loved TML! Don’t get me wrong.)

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