November Wrap Up

News I had quite a few job interviews this month, three within the span of one week, so hopefully I’ll be able to report back soon that I’ve found stable employment. In the mean time, I’m temping in a job where I’m learning HR stuff and it’s pretty cool, it’s just not permanent. When I’m […]

October Wrap Up

News I started a new temp job so we’ll see how that goes. Life is still hard. I’m still not reading very much, but I did finish one book, which is a massive achievement. Monthly Wrap Up Book Reviews: Other Blog Posts You May Have Missed:   Save Save Save Save Subscribe to Blog via […]

September Wrap Up

News I read a book! In fact, I read two! One I started it in August and I finished it way too long later. The other I read in one day because it was due back at the library. My reading this year is really sucking. However I did recently restart my The Sims Medieval game, […]

August Wrap Up

News Yes, I know, I suck at reading. Bite me. This is the hardest year of my life and although I’m managing to keep this blog alive, reading just isn’t a priority with me right now. I have to find a proper job and care for my husband and go swimming and do all the […]

June/July Wrap Up

News I totally forgot to write a wrap up post for June, it just slipped my mind. I need to get organised with my blogging again! I’ve just had so many other things to worry about: my temp job coming to an end, trying finding work to see me through until I get something more […]

May Blog Wrap Up + News

News I’m still in the most epic of reading slumps. I haven’t picked up a book since I lost my job in early March. And I’ve been thinking about it, and I think I’ve figured out why. The last time I didn’t read anything for nearly a year was when I graduated from a literature […]

April Wrap Up

News I haven’t done a monthly wrap up since January because I took a hiatus for part of February and all of March. There was a good reason for this. I’ve had a really, really shitty end to 2016 and the roughest start to 2017. I’m not even exaggerating. I’m now dealing with a husband who […]

January Wrap Up

News Not much to report! It’s been a slow month. I’m in the middle of dealing with a very difficult and private personal crisis so I haven’t have much time to read. I am reading some very good books – Maria Snyder’s Dawn Study, Rhiannon Thomas’s Long May She Reign – but I only really […]

December Wrap Up

News We’re back a day early! Because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to do a wrap up for December! As you can see, the website formerly known as Young Adult At Heart (for all of one year) has returned to the original name of The Moonlight Library, now complete with a brand new look! […]

November Wrap Up

News A quiet month on the blog! I managed to post a few times, taking part in PC Cast’s Moon Chosen blog tour, talking about Goodread’s ‘Best Books of 2016’, and taking part in the RAINBOW Blog Challenge hosted by a bunch of different hosts. I didn’t get much reading done –  well, no, that’s […]

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