H2O: Just Add Water Has A Sucky Theme Song

This is going to be the most random blog post I’ve ever written.

A couple of weeks ago I was sick and laid up in bed for over a week, so with nothing better to do, I made myself feel better by watching a TV show by one of my favourite Australian children’s TV producers, Jonathon M Shiff. He does the BEST TV EVER. My favourite show he’s done is Thunderstone, followed by Pirate Islands, Silversun, and Ocean Girl. Australian kids’ TV is seriously the best.

I binge watched H2O: Just Add Water, which is a show about three regular Aussie teenage girls who accidentally become mermaids and are granted magical powers, but must keep their secret from everyone, including their families, and the shenanigans they encounter as they discover more about mermaids and the mysterious Mako Island that changed them.

h2o title

I really like the show. I do. I think the three main leads are incredibly beautiful and look amazing as mermaids. I even like the storyline, even though by now it’s a bit juvenile for me and I’m constantly pointing out plot holes.


The thing that really bugs me is the opening theme song.

The official opening/ending song is “No Ordinary Girl” written by Shelley Rosenberg and music by Danny Beckerman and Ric Formosa.

It’s performed by a different singer for each season. Season 1 is Ellie Henderson, season 2 is Kate Alexa, and Season 3 is Indiana Evans, who plays Bella, who sings a lot in the show due to being in a band.

(actually, fun thing I noticed: Bella wants to write a song about the ocean with Will, and the song she ends up performing at the end of season 3 is ‘No Ordinary Girl’.)

The lyrics used really promise a different story to the one we get.

I’ll show you:

I’ve got a special power that I’m not afraid to use

I’m afraid that’s incorrect. The girls are deathly afraid of using their powers in front of people and in public. They’re afraid they’ll be taken away and experimented on.

So come on this is my adventure, this is my fantasy

It’s all about living in the ocean being wild and free

I’m afraid this is wrong, too. It’s not all about living in the ocean. The girls still live on land, they only visit the ocean.

Cause I’m no ordinary girl

Um, yes, they are. That’s the entire point of the show. Three ordinary girls become mermaids.

I’m from the deep blue underworld

No, they’re not. They’re from the land. They’re land people who can become mermaids. They’re not from the water, they’re from the land.

Land or sea, I’ve got the power if I just believe

Well, according to the show, they have the power even if they don’t believe they have it anymore, including the time they jumped into the moon pool during an eclipse thinking they were giving the powers up. Funnily enough it only lasted 12 hours, long enough to get the bad guys off their tails, but they legitimately thought they’d lost their powers forever. So they’ve got the powers whether they believe or not.

On the other hand, they’ve also got their powers if they concentrate and work hard, not ‘just believe.’

Cause I’m no ordinary girl, I’m from the deep blue underworld

We’ve been through this. They are humans from land first, mermaids second.

Land or sea, the world’s my oyster, I’m the pearl

Not quite sure what it’s trying to say here. Is it trying to say the girls are pieces of dirt or grit then encased in something hard and unyielding and become beautiful and rare? Yeah, I can actually see that working.

No ordinary girl

Yeah, right.

(this is the opening credits from season 3 where Emma played by Claire Holt was replaced by Bella played by Indiana Evans)

Do you sometimes get irrationally annoyed by something that doesn’t even matter and feel the need to blog about it? I’d LOVE to see your crazy posts so I know I’m not all alone!






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6 thoughts on “H2O: Just Add Water Has A Sucky Theme Song

  1. Alexandria

    The theme song for H2O: Just Add Water is pretty awful, I agree. I like reading random posts like these, it’s a nice change! I got irrationally annoyed by the new Goodreads layout and had a rant on my blog about it a while back. Sometimes you just need to vent!

    (Also I just noticed your Top 1% of Reviewers on Goodreads badge! That’s so cool!)

    1. Nemo

      I might come up with more unrelated-to-books-or-blogging rants in the future! I was just so frustrated and wanted to share this with everyone!

  2. Greg

    I’ve never seen H2O but I did like the first two seasons of Mako Mermaids. I wasn’t as crazy about the last season, but it’s a great show. And I like the theme song for it, or at least I’m used to it. I like how you critiqued H2O’s theme though, yeah that would be annoying! 🙂

    Have you watched Mako Mermaids? I like the cast. It’s a fun show- silly at times, but fun. I kinda like Lightning Point by the same producer although that did get a bit predictable.

    1. Nemo

      I’m about halfway through the first season of Mako Mermaids and I don’t like it as much as H20. Just the whole idea of the three mermaid girls become human instead of the other way around. I quite like the Mako theme song though!

      Lightning Point is on my to-watch list! I’d really like to see it because I think Lucy Fry is in that as well as Mako? And she played Lissa in Vampire Academy.

      1. Greg

        I hope Mako Mermaids picks up for you. One problem the show has is the cast changes- every season some of the girls leave and are replaced. So there are some continuity issues there. And I’m always amazed how they have this mission but then spends weeks on land just basically hanging out lol.

        Lucy Fry is in Lightning Point. It has a few eye rolling moments but I wanted to see another Jonathan Schifff production. And I kinda liked Vampire Academy even though I know it got bad reviews- yeah it wasn’t exactly a good movie but it was fun in a campy way.

  3. Annie

    I watched s3 and the theme song on the end credits was kind of annoying. not because of the lyrics necessarily, but binge watching it meant I kept hearing that song over and over and over….

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