YA Chronicles November 2018 Unboxing

November Unboxing

Yeah, it’s late, but so was their box.

I received the November YA Chronicles box on 22 December and then promptly took some time off from the blog, so this unboxing is coming to you in January 2018.

The theme was ‘Moon’, and this something I don’t think I’ve shared here, but I’m actually kinda obsessed with the moon and space in general, and that’s why I decided to pick up this subscription again for a few months even though I haven’t had one since 2016 (and I didn’t do unboxings for that three month subscription). You can follow this link to seemy slightly disappointing first box in 2015.

The first thing I noticed in this box was the 3D moon lamp, which I was expecting anyway because the YA Chronicles announced it on their Instagram.

The second thing I noticed was that it didn’t have the regular beautifully printed list of contents. This was explained by YA Chronicles as them waiting for a final product that didn’t end up appearing, which is sad. It also mentioned I was supposed to receive some moon and stars paperclips, which I would have loved, but which weren’t included in my box.

The book this month was The Rift by Rachal Craw, who is a YA NZ author I have been super keen to read (I do have some of her books already that are unread). I was super excited to read the blurb on this, because it is a sci-fi that loosely takes some inspiration from the Ancient Greek Actaen myth: the hunter who witnessed Artemis bathing in the woods, so she turned him into a stag and his own hunting hounds tore him apart. And actually, I am super excited to read this, it sounds really interesting:

When the Rift opens, death follows.

For generations, the Rangers of Black Water Island have guarded the Old Herd against horrors released by the Rift. Cal West, an apprentice Ranger with a rare scar and even rarer gifts, fights daily to prove he belongs within their ranks. After nine years away, Meg Archer returns to her childhood home only to find the Island is facing a new threat that not even the Rangers are prepared for. Meg and Cal can’t ignore their attraction, but can they face their darkest fears to save the Island from disaster?

Craw said she was partly inspired by her favourite book, Maggie Stiefvater’s The Scorpio Races which, if you’re a regular reader here at the Moonlight Library, you’ll know is one of the most amazing books ever written. I listened to it on audio last year, and I absolutely loved it.

Also included was this cute lil The Rift branded bookmark.

There was this totally adorable post it notepad in the shape of a moon.

This is a Luna the cat from Sailor Moon-type headband, which is totally cute and I put it on right away. I wouldn’t wear it out because I’m a grown ass woman but it’s cute enough to keep my hair out of my face while I’m pottering about at home.

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And then because I missed out on the paperclips, the last thing in this box was this super cute rechargeable 3D moon touch lamp. It is so completely adorable and totally awesome and it went straight on my bookshelf. You can see in these pictures what it looks like in the light and when it is turned on in the dark. It’s a great addition and theme-appropriate.

Over all, I’m glad I (finally) got this box. I think the book was a great choice and the extra gifts were themed appropriately. I think they’re cute and they’re not something I would generally buy for myself but am really glad I received in this box.


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