Nemo Tries a PERSONALISED Book Box Service

I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw an ad for a personalised book box service called simply BookBox that would hand-pick a book to read based on your preferences, and provide some snacks and cute little gifts as well. It’s been a long time since I’ve subscribed to a book box service, and as […]

YA Chronicles January 2019 Unboxing: Up To No Good

I received the box last week, and I didn’t know what was going to be included,so everything was a surprise. Opening up, I didn’t even try to sneak a peek. I averted my eyes, reached in, and grabbed the first thing I found. A Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts ‘Crimes of Grindelwald’ mug! While I’m not […]

YA Chronicles December 2018 Unboxing

Wait, It’s Friday! This isn’t a book review! I know, right? What did you do to deserve TWO unboxings in TWO weeks? YA Chronicles is a lil off with their delivery schedule, but that’s OK, because it means you get TWO unboxings in TWO weeks. (also I don’t have a book to review this week […]

YA Chronicles November 2018 Unboxing

November Unboxing Yeah, it’s late, but so was their box. I received the November YA Chronicles box on 22 December and then promptly took some time off from the blog, so this unboxing is coming to you in January 2018. The theme was ‘Moon’, and this something I don’t think I’ve shared here, but I’m […]

Unboxing The YA Chronicles Subscription Box

I am no stranger to subscription boxes. I have at one stage or other been subscribed to the three main Australian beauty boxes: Bellabox (do not recommend), Violet Box (now discontinued), and Lust Have It. I very seriously considered subscribing to the quarterly Book Riot YA box, except that living in Australia would have meant […]