Buy Borrow Burn (13)


Welcome to the Moonlight Library’s new original feature, Buy Borrow Burn.
It’s a fun game based on Snog Marry Avoid/Marry Kiss Kill.
If we had unlimited funds, which cover would be the one we’d buy*, borrow, or burn**?
*This is completely subjective and my favourite cover may not be yours.
**In no way do we wish to insult anyone and no, we wouldn’t actually ‘burn’ the book, this is completely hypothetical.

Let me know which book cover you’d Buy Borrow or Burn!

This week’s book covers:

Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy #3) by Richelle Mead


Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy, #3)

Razorbill 2008

Although the model has the wrong colour hair and eyes, I really like the colour scheme used in this novel, and Hi, Dimitri!


Schattenträume (Vampire Academy, #3)

German 2008

I do like this one a lot. However it does give more of an adult paranormal vibe, and I’m not quite sure why. Maybe the fishnet arm warmers? I’d happily borrow this, because I know the series is YA, but I wouldn’t be surprised if others picked it up thinking it was for adults.



Italian 2008

Sorry, Italy, but when you give me a random redhead (are there even any red-headed girls in this series?) crying blood from her eyeballs all I can think of is those freaking Virgin Mary statues and there’s way too much YELLOW on this cover and it’s just not very enticing. Capiche?

Honourable Mention


Sweden 2008

Again, what is with all the yellow? Is there something about shadows or kisses that inspire the use of this normally ‘happy’ colour? Also, the VA logo looks like a weird nightclub stamp on her forehead. And yellow eyes mean nothing in this series – this doesn’t have the golden eyes you find in Twilight!


Dutch 2008

More yellow.

Which out of these covers would you buy, borrow, or burn?


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2 thoughts on “Buy Borrow Burn (13)

  1. Jessica

    I agree with your selections for Buy Borrow Burn. I own the whole Vampire Academy series by Razorbill. I prefer book covers without people on the front because so many issues can arise, but compared to other versions of the VA series, it’s my favourite book covers with people on the front.

    Jessica recently posted: Manga Review: Links by Kizu Natsuki
    1. Nemo

      I’m not a huge fan of the models they pick for Rose, that’s why I got the red covers with the black images on them – more impersonal.

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