October Wrap Up


In my excitement of finishing university FOREVER, Halloween (I watched Hocus Pocus again!), playing more Pokemon Snap, and publishing my review of Addie LaRue on a Monday instead of a Friday (for reasons!) I completely forgot to write a wrap up post for November!

I have been able to read a bit more, which is really exciting! I am also able to take up OTHER hobbies, like diamond painting! Is anyone into that? My first one is a picture of a kitty, though it is legit going to take FOREVER to finish it, however it really suits my personality type to add tiny little diamonds onto a pre-designed canvas. It’s methodical and I find it really mindful. I just put on Youtube videos for background noise and I could probably do it all day!

Monthly Wrap Up

Book Stuff

  • Number of books read: 5
  • Finished a series: No
  • Started a series: No
  • New to me authors: Tobias Madden, Sarah Hollowell
  • Favourite book: Anything But Fine by Tobias Madden

Book Reviews:

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