January Wrap Up

Is everyone having a great summer? Or, for those of you who aren’t living in The Lucky Country/the Southern Hemisphere, a great winter? I’m having a wonderful summer, because I have AIR CONDITIONING. AND IT’S AWESOME. News We have a new blog design! Courtesy of Laura from Laura Plus Designs. I thoroughly recommend working with […]

December Wrap Up And Giveaway Winner

News I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Hubby and I went to my parents and ate way too much food and then went home and played with our cats. We really love spending time by ourselves, but we don’t want to offend family by not showing up on Christmas! And the good news is […]

November Wrap Up

News Hiatus So I tried to take November off because 2 years of full-time blogging and reviewing was burning me out and I was extra hurt when my blog was temporarily suspended for violating WordPress.com terms of service. I was doing too much author promotion and not enough original content, which probably also contributed to […]

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