April Wrap Up

News I don’t have much book news! I received some awesome sounding books for review and I’m reading them! Life is good. Read more! I will mention that I started making cute lil book related social media images and I’ll be posting them on Twitter and Facebook. Monthly Wrap Up Book Reviews: Other Blog Posts You […]

March Wrap Up

News No news is good news in tis case!  I’m settling into my job, I’m reading more (on my lunch break), and I’m even listening to audiobooks on my commute, which is new to me! Mostly because I used to drive, but now I catch the bus. Life is good, and I’m happy. Monthly Wrap […]

February Wrap Up

News I feel like I’m finally back into the swing of things, working full time and reading on my lunch break. I’ve managed to read and review four books this month, and I don’t remember the last time I did that. Also, I seem to be reading rather a lot of really enjoyable books so […]

January Wrap Up

News Guess what? NEMO GOT A JOB! Almost ten months after I showed up to work and was made redundant, one day after being forced to move house because my husband came out of a two month stay in hospital permanently disabled, I have finally secured a non-temp agency position. And guess what? It pays […]

December Wrap Up

News News? I had eight job interviews in the space of four weeks and guess how many job offers I got from them? ZILCH. That’s right, Nemo is a GIANT LOSER. FML. Happy fucking New Year. Monthly Wrap Up Book Reviews: Other Blog Posts You May Have Missed:   Save Save Save Save Subscribe to […]

November Wrap Up

News I had quite a few job interviews this month, three within the span of one week, so hopefully I’ll be able to report back soon that I’ve found stable employment. In the mean time, I’m temping in a job where I’m learning HR stuff and it’s pretty cool, it’s just not permanent. When I’m […]

October Wrap Up

News I started a new temp job so we’ll see how that goes. Life is still hard. I’m still not reading very much, but I did finish one book, which is a massive achievement. Monthly Wrap Up Book Reviews: Other Blog Posts You May Have Missed:   Save Save Save Save Subscribe to Blog via […]

September Wrap Up

News I read a book! In fact, I read two! One I started it in August and I finished it way too long later. The other I read in one day because it was due back at the library. My reading this year is really sucking. However I did recently restart my The Sims Medieval game, […]

August Wrap Up

News Yes, I know, I suck at reading. Bite me. This is the hardest year of my life and although I’m managing to keep this blog alive, reading just isn’t a priority with me right now. I have to find a proper job and care for my husband and go swimming and do all the […]

June/July Wrap Up

News I totally forgot to write a wrap up post for June, it just slipped my mind. I need to get organised with my blogging again! I’ve just had so many other things to worry about: my temp job coming to an end, trying finding work to see me through until I get something more […]