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I’ve created my own book tag! This is for H2O: Just Add Water, which is an Australian TV show on Netflix about three ordinary teenage girls who accidentally become mermaids.

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Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1)

Rose from Vampire Academy. When she and Lissa are dragged back to the Academy, she can’t wait to start breaking the rules again and gets cuaght making out with a Moroi boy by none other than His Hotness himself, future love interest Dimitri! NBo one tells Rose what to do. She’s rather it was just her and Lissa all the time.

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tomorrow when the war began

Ellie from Tomorrow When the War Began. Imagine how many would be left from the original gang if it weren’t for Ellie’s quick thinking, knowledge of the local areas and bush, and her competitive streak with Homer to survive and ensure everyone else survives? She did the majority of the driving, too.

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tiny pretty things

Gigi from Tiny Pretty Things. Gigi is nothing but nice but she’s too much competition for the established dancers at the ballet company, so they ‘prank’ her, doing horrible things like glass in her slippers and killing her butterflies, until someone pushes her in front of a truck.

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Strange Sweet Song

Sing from Strange Sweet Song. She’s a classically trained superstar in the making and wins the lead role of her most favourite opera ever at her music school. However, she’s never quite found the right voice until the magical sky cat comes down to earth to grant her wish. OK, it sounds weird, but it’s really good, trust me.

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David from Animorphs. He’s innocently drawn into the war with the alien Yeerks when his parents are taken and enslaved, but he’s actually a psychopath in sheep’s clothing. Over the course of the trilogy he’ll betray the Animorphs, believing to have killed Tobias and attempting to murder Jake, and, in return, be betrayed by his former team, trapping him in rat morph for the rest of his life.

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heartless city

Elliott from The Heartless City – he’s so into chemistry and biology that he makes a potion that accidentally renders himself an empath, able to feel the emotions of others.

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the sound of us

Kiki from The Sound of Us. She goes to summer camp to study opera but her passion is really contemporary music, especially stuff she writes herself. Over the course of the book she learns she doesn’t really want to be an opera singer for a living.

h2o 9

Samantha from Before I Fall. She starts out as a bully, part of the queen bee bitch clan that rules the school. Over the course of the book, she realises her so-called best friend is really a bully, and her character arc changes to redeem herself.

h2o 10

Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1)

Mason from Vampire Academy (series). We couldn’t have him sticking around making big eyes mooning over Rose when both Dimitri and Adrian were also on the scene.

h2o 11

Christopher from the EverWorld series by Katherine Applegate. He’s just so arrogant and smarmy and awful.

This is the first tag I’ve created, and I tag everyone who wants to give it a go! Have you watched H2O? Who’s your favorite mermaid? (Mine’s Cleo!)



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2 thoughts on “H2O: Just Add Water Book Tag

  1. Alexandria

    Omg, H20: Just Add Water! I watched that when I was like 10. I always loved mermaids when I was a kid. I think my favourite was Rikki.

    Nice tag! The only one on this list I’ve read is the Tomorrow series. I think it’s a classic for every Australasian teenager.

    1. Nemo

      I never saw it when it was on regular television, I think my schedule by then was too grown-up. It was nice watching it on Netflix though. I agree with you about the Tomorrow series, it’s a classic and should be on school reading lists.

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