June Wrap Up

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In the middle of June I saw a picture of a stray cat posted by a rescue shelter and I swear alarm bells went off in my head. My husband and I have been joking about getting a third kitten, but I’ve very firmly said no, as we already have two cats.

But I fell instantly in love with this little black queen who was complete, unvaccinated, unmicrochipped, but in fairly good condition and estimated to be around 1 year old.


I told my husband about her, showed him her picture, and he said, “So let’s get her!” And for the first time I didn’t say no…

So I told him I’d keep an eye on her and ask for an update. She was in such good condition and was clearly very well socialised that I was sure she was simply a lost kitty and her owners were looking for her…

A couple of weeks passed and I asked the shelter for an update. I’d thought a lot about her in the meantime and had even nicknamed her ‘Angel’ because she looked so sweet. They said she was still there and no one had shown an interest in adopting her or claiming her. She’d had her vaccinations and was going in for her desexing operation.

Well, at this point, I thought, it’s serendipity. At the very least I’ll feel better if I meet her and she doesn’t choose us as her forever home.

So we went out to the shelter and I met this beautiful sleek medium-length black little girl with big green eyes who loves cuddles and snuggled very firmly in to me…

And fell in love ALL OVER AGAIN.

My husband had a hold, and she climbed on to his shoulder and he fell in love, too.

It didn’t take much convincing that this little ball of fluff purring on my shoulder was meant to be ours, even though we already have 2 well socialised, well-adjusted cats…

So I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our family…

The Little Lady



I love this little cat, and my husband is SO besotted with her. We have to keep her in quarantine for a few weeks. We are determined to give her a good, warm, comfortable home with lots of love, and to teach her how to be a housecat, and to show her unconditional love from the humans who have failed her so far.


In other news, my husband’s treatment and recovery from suicidal thoughts has been going extremely well. He’s been officially diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, and bi-polar depression. He’s getting better, but slowly. I’ve been playing caretaker this month as he got a tummy bug that had him sick off work for a week, then he needed emergency surgery on a wisdom tooth (got it pulled out ON THE WEEKEND) and then he fell ill with the flu, and then he sprained his ankle. I am ACING this caretaker thing!

high five

In the middle of the month I randomly decided to do an online course at the University of Edinburgh in astrobiology, something I’ve always been interested in. I don’t really have the time, but the course had already started and wasn’t going to be offered again until 2016. If I didn’t do it now, I wouldn’t do it at all. I finish in mid-July and I’m learning the most fascinating things! I’m also learning that I don’t want to go back to university, not even part-time. It’s just too much working full time, blogging (which I proved is a part-time job), working an actual second job, and having a family. I barely have time to squeeze in my other non-reading hobbies. I barely have time to read!

In blogging news, I launched a new feature called Buy, Borrow, Burn, which is a fun little game. It’ll post every second Sunday. Check it out!

 Monthly Wrap Up

Book Reviews:

My reading started out really bad this month, which is such a pity because I read so many good books in May, but it turned out to be OK. And by OK I mean ripped my heart out and stomped all over it.

The Night is For Hunting (Tomorrow, #6)no more confessionsa monster callssiren's fury

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Films/TV I Watched

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  • Mulan 2
  • Brother Bear 2
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2
  • Treasure Planet
  • Terra Nova
  • Jurassic World
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • The Reunion
  • Delivery Man
  • Teen Wolf

Monthly Highlights

An author I actually read came to my home town!

Marsden and me
John Marsden came to launch the Australian Children’s Book Council Awards and stopped in at one of my local bookshops. Although he was 45 minutes late and I am currently suffering from a twisted knee which made standing for a long time painful, I lined up and got two books signed, and bravely explained that I was a book blogger who runs the Moonlight Library and every year I take a book series I read as a child and re-read it as an adult, and this year I JUST HAPPEN to be doing the Tomorrow series. He actually seemed interested! So I handed over one of my blog business cards and invited him to visit the blog when he had time.

(If you’re seeing this John, HI! *waves madly* I’m the tall girl from the back of the line with the English husband!)

See my recap of the signing here.


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2 thoughts on “June Wrap Up

  1. Eilonwy

    I love these monthly wrap-ups!

    Your new kitty is beautiful. I’m so glad she’s found a home with you, and I’m looking forward to seeing updates.

    I’m also really glad to hear your husband is doing so much better. That’s just wonderful. I hope his physical health follows along! What a month.

    And the astrobiology class sounds so, so cool!

    1. Nemo

      Thank you, I love doing these posts and reflecting back on the time I’ve spent blogging.

      I’m such a nerd doing the astrobiology course, but I’m really enjoying it. I wish it could be something I could pursue professionally, but I wasn’t particularly talented at science and dropped it the first chance I got at school.

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