Oct-Nov Wrap Up


I know, I missed by October wrap up post. I only posted a couple of things in October anyway, including what happened when I almost died in August, because I had to go back to hospital for my health problem.

This was at the same time that two major assessments were due for my post-grad course at university, too, so I wasn’t really up to reading or posting anything much. I got an extension on my major essay, but I am still yet to sit my exam for my other course. I was kind of bummed out about the whole thing.

I actually considered putting off calling the ambulance so I could log in to my computer and submit my essay, but unfortunately I was bleeding to death again, so I had to put my health first.

Since then, I’ve been getting into fitness and playing a few more computer games, and reading a bit more, since I have more free time. I’m still working full time, but now I do have my weekends free to do whatever I want, which is nice. I’ve been watching the Charmed reboot with my husband, and although I am a fan of the original series, I’m enjoying the reboot a lot!

I also purchased the Animorphs graphic novel #1 The Invasion in October, as soon as I learned it was published. I tweeted about how excited I was to relive the book in graphic novel form, and K.A. Applegate herself responded to my tweet!



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